Daryakoosh Co. was established on September 1990 as the first diving and salvage company in Iran along with the gathering of a group of Iranian naval experts.  Salvage operation of Sanandaj super tanker that was sunken at the anchorage of Khark Island was the first Daryakoosh project at sea.

The sunken tanker was heavily damaged in the middle, due to an enormous explosion. The divers divided the sunken vessel in two parts by cutting her in the depth of water. Each part was floated and towed to Gadani “Pakistan” for scraping. The towage operation was executed by Daryakoosh Company itself, because no towage company wanted to accept such a risk.

The news of success in execution of this project was broadcasted in marine news media. In addition to this being an extraordinary and difficult task, the importance of the news was also increased due to the fact that not only this operation was carried out for the first time by a middle eastern company but also two well-known European Salvage companies had visited Sanandaj site and identified the task of floating it as “unachievable “and offered to disassemble it into small pieces under the water.

After the successful completion of this mission the operations of Daryakoosh extended into other varies Marine activities.

Nowadays, Daryakoosh is operating in different offshore and inshore projects such as industrial diving, wreck removal, repair and construction of the jetties, SPM overhaul, dredging, cathodic protection and etc

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