cathodic protection

    1. Inspection and Anode installation of Bahregan 57 KM long pipeline that was partially buried under mud
    2. Anode installation of Oil pipes at Dorood 1 and 2 oil fields in the waters of Khark Island  which was carried out for Iranian offshore oil company
    3. Anode installation of Nowrouz, Bahregan and Hendijan platforms, performed in behalf of Iranian Offshore Oil Company.
    4. Anode installation of Azarpad Jetty situated in the waters of west Khark Island. (2011-2012)
    5. Installation of Cathodic protection system of Khark’s Eastern service jetty. (2013-2014)
    6. Anode installation of Mobin petrochemical water intake metal parts in Asalooyeh. (2007-2008)

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