technical diving operation at sea and dams

    1. Performing the entire underwater project of connection the F9 platform to the Foroozan main platform at a depth of 56 meters. This project was carried out for Sadra Co.
    2. Implementing underwater pipe lines of South Pars, phase 8 while being contracted by DOT.
    3. Diving and underwater operation for installing phase one platform of south Pars for IOEC.
    4. Towing 5 km 8inch pipe line from shore to phase one of south Pars, and laying it between SPD1 and SPD2 platforms and connecting to their risers.
    5. Installation of clamps for SPD9 riser in south Pars field.
    6. Repair of South pars phase 8 damaged four inch hypochlorite pipeline.
    7. Underwater inspections of Khark’s ETPM platform and thickness evaluation of its underwater metal structure accompanied by a video report and mapping of it’s as built status.
    8. Periodic technical inspection of SPM buoys in Asalooyeh per request of Total Corporation and providing written and video reports.
    9. Technical inspection of underwater pipelines between the Khark Island and Azarpad Jetty.
    10. Inspection of steel jetty and jackets and cutting the damaged metal pieces and welding new ones, sandblasting and painting of splash zone of the jetty of Iranian Offshore Oil Company at Lavan Island.
    11. Installing Jiroft dam metal valves at a depth of 56 meters.
    12. Diving operation to repair and maintain the valves of Karoon 3 dam at multiple sessions.
    13. Disconnecting the Boushehr’s nuclear power plant and installing them after being repaired.
    14. Carrying out diving operation inorder to repair and maintain Chegin dam valves in Hormozgan province.
    15. Installation of 1200 ton culverts for Mobin petrochemical’s water intake at Asalouyeh.
    16. Repairing 4 inch hypochlorite pipeline in Asalouyeh.
    17. Installation of new risers at SPD1 and SPD2 platforms of South pars phase one.
    18. Free Span operations of Phase 9 and phase 10 platform of South Pars.

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