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Welcome to Daryakoosh Company Website

شرکت دریاکوش



Daryakoosh Company is the most experienced marine salvage contractor in Iran conducting salvage operation and projects since 1990.Over the years Daryakoosh Company main activities have expanded from salvage assignments to offshore and shipping business concentrating on the air and saturation diving and promoting this technology in Iran. We are known for our high standard of work to an agreed price and time.

On this website you can find a presentation of our equipment,Capabilities, marine spread and diving school.

For further information,please feel free to contact us at info@daryakoosh.ir


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تقدیرنامه دریاکوش

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Have you experienced the thrill of underwater?


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Contact Us

  • آیکونSecond floor, No5, Seven alley, Sarafraz street, Shahid Beheshti street, Tehran
  • آیکونPost Box 1514634914
  • آیکونThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • آیکون+982188740860_2 - +982188740973_5
  • آیکونfax:+9821 41425555 Ext 49548